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Happy Friday once again and Scrap It Friday y’all!

Okay tell the truth!  If you are a scrapbooker you save basically everything — maps of aquariums, zoos, school schedules, etc.  If you have pets and scrapbook them (and I know you do!) you probably save things such as their first collars from when they were a puppy or kitten.  For your kiddos, well I don’t have kids yet but I know my mom saved things my sister and I made when we were in kindergarten.  Grand it, she hasn’t made those albums yet but I have my file folder in my closet for safe keeps either until she’s ready to make my album or I eventually make it myself (though I’m still working on pictures from when I lived in Long Beach, MS but haven’t even touched the pictures when I visited my sister in France in 2010. 😁

Anyways, so yes I save a good bit of things for my scrapbooks I plan on using when I get to them.  For the trip to France, I have a cute little suitcase I got from Michael’s Craft Store a few years ago with everything in it.  Of course, even though I am organized with everything, I have moved several times over the years so my things are here, there, and everywhere.  I don’t particularly have my own scrapbook room since I live once again with my parents.  I plan on being out by the end of this year (I hope) and then I should have a place for all my crafts. 😄

Make The Connection

Because I am very proud of have graduated from University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast in Marine Science I’ve been working on all the pictures I took while living in Long Beach, Mississippi.  So, on this post I’m sharing another page from my Long Beach, MS album.  This page is very, very simple, as I didn’t feel the need for journaling.

Save Everything Scrapbooking -- Visit for more info!Save Everything Scrapbooking -- Visit for more info!

As you can see my “Make The Connection” letter has its own journal which is why I didn’t feel I needed to add anything.  I used a bright yellow 12 X 12 paper as my background with a pretty blue polka-dotted 12 X 3.5.  I then backed the map and set of directions on the right page using that same blue polka-dotted cardstock along with white cardstock backing it.

There you have it!  A great but simple double page with things you save, whether it’s from a school you attended and very proud of, an aquarium, a zoo, or your kiddos projects they have made. Hope you enjoyed!

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