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How many of y’all had problems getting up again this morning after the time change? I don’t remember having this much of a problem with it, but for some reason this year it just doesn’t like me. Anyways, today I thought I would give a little lesson about why we “Spring Forward.” Let’s get started…

Short History:

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According to the timeanddate.com website, “Daylight Saving Time (DST) is used to save energy and make better use of daylight. It was first used in 1908 in Thunder Bay, Canada.” So basically as the days start to get longer as we work our way towards summer, it is thought we would use our electricity less while using the light from the sun more.

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The timeanddate.com website also states that “Germany became the first country to introduce DST when clocks were turned ahead 1 hour on April 30, 1916. The rationale was to minimize the use of artificial lighting in order to save fuel for the war effort during World War I.”

In 1918, an industrialist from Pittsburgh, Robert Garland, was the one who brought the idea to the US from the UK. As a result, President Woodrow Wilson signed what was called then “Fast Time,” the “law to support the war effect during World War I.” Though, it wasn’t until 1942 of which President Franklin D. Roosevelt made daylight saving time year-round due to the original change being rejected seven months after it was signed.

Spring Forward Now:

Presently, over 70 countries around the world take part in daylight saving time. Here in the States a couple of states and several USA territories do not take part in daylight saving time. Places like Belize and Turkey have used it in the past but no longer take part in daylight saving time. Last year was actually Turkey’s last time to take part; however, Belize hasn’t taken part since 1983, based on the timeandate.com website.

Spring Forward Dates:

Spring Forward -- Visit CraftyJBird.com for more info...

Since ‘spring forward’ is part of the “Energy Policy Act of 2005” according to the al.com website, Daylight Saving Time starts “on the second Sunday in March.” This, in turn, causes the time change to happen approximately eight days before March 20th or 21st depending on the when the sun will be hitting the center of Earth causing the same amount of hours during the day and at night. This day is also known as the Vernal or Spring Equinox.

Things To Do Between Spring Forward & Spring Equinox:

Though I couldn’t even start naming all the sources, a few chores that recommended on Daylight Saving Time include:

  • Cleaning out the Medicine Cabinet: personally, I would recommend while you’re cleaning out, head on over to my Young Living Essential Oil website. While you’re there, purchase the starter kit, so you will have natural healing products. Click on starter kit to start reading my part 1 of my series about what all comes in the kit.
  • Put away the Winter Clothes & Bring out the Spring: of course, this is based on where you live, but if you’re like me, I pretty much keep all seasonal clothes out year round. You just don’t know what the weather is going to bring here in North Louisiana.
  • Check the Smoke Detector Batteries: while you’re at it, I’d check the air condition control batteries as well as any other essential batteries
  • Clean Ice Maker: if you have an ice maker separate from your refrigerator like we do, now would be a good time to clean it. I clean ours about every six months.
  • Change water filter in the refrigerator: though I believe my mom just changed ours not too long ago, I would be sure to check and change if needed. Several years ago our busted on us causing a big mess. Now we make sure it gets changed when it needs it.

This is just a short list of recommendations. The last two I just added even though they weren’t on any list I’ve read.

There you go. A short history and information about “Spring Forward” and things recommended between “Spring Foward” and the Vernal/Spring Equinox. Hope you learned something new and enjoyed.

Have any questions about today’s “Random Tuesday” “Spring Forward” post? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see you again!

Crafty JBird

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