Wyland’s Dolphins

It’s Write It Wednesday once again!

Hope everyone had an awesome day!  It’s been a long one for me and my mom.  Yesterday we dropped her car off at the dealership for a routine oil change and for a few other issues the brand new car (November 2015) shouldn’t be having.

Today, mom got a call saying they had bad news.  First thing I thought was they were gonna have to order a part… Nope!  They were finished fixing whatever it was and about finished washing it when the person driving it didn’t put it in park when they got out of it and it went bye-bye hitting something causing apparently quite a bit damage.

Any-who, they are bringing her a rental in the morning until they get it fixed and repainted.  Needless to say, she’s not happy.  Along with that my air condition in my car hasn’t been blowing cold (60*F) air out like it should be, instead its blowing out hot air 🙁 Apparently, it’s just low on freon so I’m dropping it off in the morning to get that fixed.

So, today’s Write It Wednesday is on Robert Wyland. 

Wyland’s Dolphins

To learn more about Wyland you can visit his website here (no affiliates).  I have loved his paintings, oils, drawings, sculptures, and furniture for as long as I can remember.

Back in 1998, when we were on a family vacation, I got to visit his gallery located on Pier 39 and I just wanted everything.  I told myself, “one day I will have the dinning table, coffee table, and side table in my house, at the least.” 🙂  All dolphins of course, cause I am obsessed with dolphins.  I’ve worked so hard over the years to become a dolphin trainer or just to work with marine animals because of this fact about me.

Though I am still working on it, and I will get there one day, even if its volunteering somewhere.  I mean, I didn’t get scuba certified, graduate in Psychology and Marine Science for nothing!  I may have scoliosis with titanium rods in my back, but I am still able.  With practice, I can hold my breath for almost a minute (probably longer if I tried), I consider myself a pretty good swimmer. The list goes on…  Okay back to my point — Wyland — Pier 39, then got to go to his gallery in Key West while visiting as a port stop for the cruise I was on with some family members.  While I was there, I purchased his book but had it shipped since it was going to be autographed.

So for today’s Write It Wednesday I wrote out one of my favorite quotes he has in his book along with a dolphin I free handedly drew (very proud of myself as it didn’t take me long to perfect it (second try)) 😛 It could probably be a bit better with details and whatnot but for this post I thought it would work.


So there you go… It was a very short post today.  Hope you enjoyed this quote from Wyland as much as I do.

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